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◢ Book Review ◣ This is where it ends

This is where it ends - Marieke Nijkamp

I've just finished reading this book and I'm literally out of words to say. I knew what this book was about before adding it in my tbr list, I knew it couldn't have a happily ever after because it's basically incompatible with the main plot. I just found it interesting because this kind of tragedy doesn't happen in my country (fortunately) and news barely talk about it when there's a shooting at an American high school. 
I felt very attached with some of the characters but I just felt indifferent towards Claire; her point of view was a pain for me, and I just wanted to fly to what the next character had to tell. For some reason, I didn't hate Tyler; I just think his loneliness beat him.
I have to say, all that happened through these pages felt just real. I was really scared when the shooter started killing people around him and the characters kept seeing their friends die. Also, some students tried to inform about their situation on Twitter and the press just kept tweeting, they're desperately asking for help, what the fuck's going on with you. Furthermore, there was a point of view of a student who skipped classes that day and wrote her thoughts in her blog and her readers didn't seem happy at all to see that she skipped classes that day and that she wasn't through the same hell the other students were.
The end  itself was what hurt me the most, I think; imagining all this people remembering the lost ones.
Before finishing this review, I'd like to share a quote of this book:

When we reach the first floor, the hallways are empty. There are only the bodies and the bloodstains and the screams that haunt the school. On our way to the main entrance, we pass the doors to the auditorium, which are wide open now. The seats are empty.


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