lunes, 14 de diciembre de 2015

Colours in the sky - Rainbow

Hi there! I'm already preparing a new entry since I had a mini-holidays-trip with my two flatmates and I have lots of photos to show you! But I won't be talking about this today. A friend of mine released his first official album last summer and the last music video came up last week, so I'd like to show you guys a sneak peek of it.
The name of the album is RAINBOW and each song is associated with a colour. The first video that was released was The Fourth Wall. One month later, The Last of My Kind was released, which happens to be a very emotive song. Two months after the first video was released, Mannequin (Love Dildo), that ended up being my favourite one and one of my favourite songs of the year, came out. After that, I didn't have to wait very much to see the fourth mv, Wonderwall. The two following videos were Diet or Die and I Need a Moment, from which I loved the introduction. Finally, as I said before, the last music video came up last week and it's Child Me. This one is my favourite after Mannequin (Love Dildo) and it gives me a lot of feels because it kind of shows the end of the "trip".
I'll leave all the videos down below:

Take some minutes to watch them, they're worth it. You can also follow his updates through his tumblr blog, Facebookspotify or iTunes.

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