miércoles, 9 de diciembre de 2015

Nice to meet you?

I've thought about starting a new blog and closing this one lots of times, but I always decide not to do it because this site is full of memories I don't want to lose. I started using this blog in 2011 and I wrote an introduction post but since it was in Spanish, 4 years passed and many things changed, I thought I should introduce myself again. I also got lots of new followers, which is good and makes me happy because I know someone will read what I post and may enjoy it. Here I go!

My name is Judit, but I'm sometimes called by a nickname, which can be "Umi" or "Luo". My birthday is on the 24th January and I'm from Spain. I'm currently studying a Translation and Interpretation degree at the university in Barcelona and my career languages are French and Japanese. I love languages. I can speak Catalan (native), Spanish (native), English, French, Japanese (not at all but I can keep a simple conversation), Korean (the most basic level) and I've recently started to study Icelandic. I'm in love with Nordic languages, so I am with Icelandic; it's a gorgeous language and I really hope to get to speak it properly someday.
I studied Korean for 2 years, but I had to leave the academy due to personal reasons. It doesn't mean I don't want to continue learning the language, I've just decided to pause it because I kind of lost my motivation and I don't have time to do stuff that doesn't motivate me at all but I look forward to continue my Korean journal I used to write while I was taking lessons. The next language I want to learn is Estonian, I love this language so much and I love the Estonian cities and landscapes. (No, I haven't been there yet)

Christmas Tree in Tartu, Estonia. (Photo credits: http://under-the-pipal-tree.tumblr.com/)

My Kikuri cosplay (Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori) - 2015
I think if I've to introduce myself it's important to mention the word COSPLAY. Yeah, I've been a cosplayer since 2011 and I enjoy cosplaying my favourite characters. I'm not going to show or mention all the cosplays I've made through the years because I'm too lazy to do it, but you always can stalk this blog's old and embarassing posts or the Soleil Cosplay page in Facebook.
As I said many times, my books are my treasures; I love reading. My favourite books are The Silmarillion, The Night Circus, We were liars, We all looked up and Heima es hogar en islandés. I really recommend them all to you. I also love writing. One of my life goals is to write and publish my own book (and I'm on it). I also like to write letters and postcrossing.

A postcard I received from the Czech Rep.
I also love movies, but I can't choose a favourite one. I have a favourite director who is Wes Anderson, my favourite movie from him is The Royal Tenenbaums.
Right now, I'm living in a students flat with my two dearest friends Júlia (Fuko) and Eva (Naranja). Since all of us are cosplayers, we make the real chaos when it's the "cosplay season". I love living with them.

It's possible that next year I'll go to study abroad in Japan or in Iceland, but I won't know that until this month's 17th, so wish me luck!

A drawing I made in my paperblanks. "Trip to Reyjavík"

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  1. I wish you all the luck in the world! And nice to meet you :)
    I also love We were liars and I can say that it was the book that made me read again with an amazing passion.

    Enchanted Ana :)

    1. Oooh thank you very much! :D Nice to meet you too!
      Really? I'm glad to meet people who also like "We were liars"! :) When I read it last summer I cried a lot, but it's so worth it.


  2. Has escrito mal la palabra número doscientos ochenta y tres, le falta una 'a' por ahí en medio.

    1. A mí me parece que está usted alucinando.