lunes, 7 de noviembre de 2016

i need another story

Last night I stayed up late because Robin (my adorable German neighbour) asked me to talk on the balcony at 1am. Later, Ali (my French sister) joined us and we were rambling until ~2am. It's strange how we're in a place where there's absolutely nothing to do and every day random things happen. 

However, today was supposed to be a hard day because I had tones of homework (that I didn't do, by the way), a vocabulary exam and a presentation, but none of those happened because I woke up feeling dizzy as hell and yeah, of course, I had fever. I ended up staying in my room, sleeping and watching SATC episodes (what a great way to live life, tbh). Fortunately, my classmates told me the exam was placed for tomorrow because they didn't have time at all to do it, so it's fine.

In other news, I've realised I've been in a reading slump for 4 months and in a writing slump for 1 month. I planned to join NaNoWriMo but no inspiration comes to me and it's already 7th November...
Also, I want to read GEMINA so bad but I don't feel like reading anything?
I don't know, I hate the time of the year when this happens.
Just someone tell me how can I find my inspiration because I thing it flew back to Spain.