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15 Books I haven't read yet but I really want to

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It's been a long time I didn't write any post here, but I'm about to finish my exams (only 2 weeks more) and I already have lots of interesting posts to write! Here you have some of them:

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15 books I haven't read yet but I really want to

(already published - not in any particular order)

1. We are the ants 
I saw very good opinions of this book on tumblr and I fell in love with its gorgeous cover. Plus, I absolutely love apocalyptic movies/books, and I know I'm going to adore this book. Some days ago, it had a 50~% discount on amazon, and now I regret not to have get it when it was a bargain -i find the paperback quite expensive. Maybe I'll get it this summer or in September, before I leave to Japan.

2. Fangirl
I've wanted to read this book since last year and I can't believe I haven't done it yet. I don't expect it to be one of my favourite reads at all, but I think it will be a very entertaining book for sure! I'm just waiting for amazon/bd to apply a good discount on it so I don't have to spend much money. This is the only Rainbow Rowell book I'm interested in and I'd like to read it soon. I think it would be a very good summer read.

3. Four
I finished Allegiant last month and I loved it so much! In general, I could say I've liked the Divergent trilogy very much, so I'd like to give Four a try! I barely know anything about it, so it will be a total surprise for me. It's possible I get it this summer. I never thought I would like this trilogy that much, to be honest.

4. The Unexpected Everything
This one is the newest book of the list, but I've wanted to read it since Morgan Matson announced its release. I don't think I will read it this summer because I already have lots of other books to read and I'd like to pick it up during my exchange, so I'm going to buy it on September.

5. Since You've Been Gone
Aaaand another Morgan Matson book. This one was the first book of her I aded in my tbr, but for some reasons I ended up reading Amy & Roger's Epic Detour first -and I don't regret it. At first, I wanted to read it with my bff, but I think I'll pick it up whenever I'm in the mood to read it. The synopsis reminded me so much of my old favourite book Before I die -even though I think this one will be less tragic.

6. My life next door
Most of Huntley Fitzpatrick novels seem to be very interesting, but this one caught my attention one year ago, although I haven't bought it yet. It was released in Spain some months ago, but the Spanish paperback edition is ridiculously expensive, so I'll buy the cute US edition someday.

7. The Tricking of Freya
Due to what this books involves -Iceland, traveling, ICELAND- I already know this will be one of my very favourite books. Iplanned to buy it last Christmas,but for some reason it didn't happen. I don't know anyone who have read it, but I've seen very good opinons on goodreads. All the books with trip stories deserve all the love.

8. Wink Poppy Midnight
Melanie from One Less Lonely Blog recommended this book to me, so I'm going to trust her since she was the one who helped me to decide whether to read ILLUMINAE or not -and now it's my very fav book lmao. Furthermore, the synopsis really caught my attention, it seems to be a very special book and its cover is so gorgeous. I'm going to read it very soon, I promise.

9. Made You Up
This is another book that's been in my tbr for a long time. I believe this is a different book, a very special book. This one caught my attention because I'd like to read about some character who has to deal with schizophrenia, and I've seen this book is very good written and the story is very interesting. I've not read it yet because, even though it looks very interesting, it's not a subject I'm always in the mood to read about.

10. Thanks for the Trouble
This one will be probably the first book of the list I'll read, since it's already on my bookshelf. When Tommy Wallach announced the release of this book, I already knew I would like it; it has a very interesting plot, I love the way the author writes and look at this gorgeous cover! Both the cover and the plot reminds me of Wes Anderson movies, who happens to be my favourite director, so I don't expect anything disappointing from this book. Furthermore, people who loved We all looked up also loved this one, so I can't wait to spend an entire weekend reading it!

11. 13 Little Blue Envelopes
You guys need to know I love traveling books and this one looks very enjoyable. It was released in Spain recently, but it's ridiculously expensive (again), so I'll buy the US edition anyways. Although I'm very excited to read this book, I'm not planning to read it soon.

12. Pride and Prejudice
I'm currently reading Emma and I think I could love this book. I think it's a book I would totally read and I haven't seen the movie, so every plot twist will be a surprise for me. Plus, this one is one of my bff's (Eva) favourite book,
I don't think I have to tell any reason to read it, I just have to pick it up.

13. Don't stop now
I think this book was the first one I added in my goodreads tbr. I remember why I added it: road trip. As far as I know, the main character starts a road trip with her bff in order to find her friend, who has faked her own kidnapping. This plot can make a great book, so that's why I want to read it. I don't remember why I haven't bought/read it yet, but I'd like to get it asap.

14. All the bright places
I've been wanting to read this book since it came out, but time passed and I lost the hype. I thought it would be like any other YA, so I didn't keep interested in it but I've seen lots of good opinions lately and it is still hyped by lots of people. I just think I should read it and see how good it is by myself.

15. Jane Eyre
I could say I got interested in Jane Eyre's plot by myself, but I would be lying; this is all April's (from the Aprilius Maximus YT channel) fault. As some of you may know, April is my favourite booktuber ever and I watch all of her videos; lately, she's mentioned how good this book is in every video and I have to admit she really knows how to convince people to read a book. The plot looks very interesting, but since it's a very thick book, I'll pick it up once I'm in the mood to read it.

Leave a comment if you've read any of these, please! Which one should I read after Thanks for the Trouble? Do you want to read any of these as well?

It's nice to be back! ~