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Edgeworth, Oskaar and John Cena's journey - #Star☆AnisGoesToAndorra

Last weekend I went on a mini-holidays-trip to Andorra with my dearest flatmates, Fuko (Júlia) and Naranja (Eva). Since we had to come back to Barcelona on Sunday, we should catch the bus on Thursday but unlike Júlia and Eva, I had to go to the university on Friday because I had an exam at 9 o'clock.
After my exam, we went to the bus station, had some McDonald's for lunch and then the bus took us to Andorra La Vella.

During the bus journey Júlia and Eva slept and I read the book I'm currently into, "Sé quién eres" (or I remember you in English/Ég man þig in Icelandic) by Yrsa Sigurðardóttir. When we arrived, we were taken to my mother's house to leave our suitcases and have some coffee.

Then, we went to the city to have a walk. We watched the Christmas lights and bought some make-up. Also, there was a gorgeous blue giant Christmas tree and although it was very cold outside, we couldn't resist to go inside it.

Christmas lights in the street
The perfect Christmas tree
Inside view of the Christmas tree
Fuko being hipster inside the Christmas tree
Selfie under the tree aka "We're so cold, give us some warm chocolate, for God's sake" selfie
Soleil selfie
Shops and malls closed at 8 o'clock so we came back to our house and had dinner; we were very tired. Before we went to sleep, random stuff happened.

We're serious people

There was a room for Fuko and Naranja and another one for me. The one I was staying in had an air cushion that was trying hard to fall on the floor, but the room was too small to allow it.

That was the view I had from the bed
I also read a little of my book before I fell asleep.

  •  Saturday
Once we had slept as much as we wanted, we had breakfast, watched TV, ate lunch and went to the city in the afternoon. We went shopping (again). We bought some clothes and went to the Pyrenées shopping mall. There I could cry on my dear Michael Kors branded bags.

When all the shops closed, we decided to chill somewhere far away from the cold outside so we drank a glass of wine in a very chic bar. Meanwhile, Eva took the camera and shot some photos.

Eva wants to take home this Christmas tree
After that, we had dinner, changed our clothes and went out to have a girls night! We ended up in a pub called Chesterfield Lounge Andorra. This pub was A-W-E-S-O-M-E. At first I had a Cosmapple cocktail which resembles the Cosmopolitan quite much but it tastes more like apple. Eva ordered a Blue Mojito and Júlia ordered a Coconut Mojito. In this pub you could play any game you wanted! We started by playing Uno and later we played Jenga. We also decided that every time one of us lost a game, she had to have her arm painted by any of us. That's how we ended up with giant dogs, Luo's and Undertale characters in our arms.

SATC moment

Blueberry selfie
Eva: Fuko yer a looser
Finally, we ordered more cocktails and we played the "Who am I?" game, which ended up being the funniest game. We played 5 rounds in which we had 5 characters:

Eva's characters:
- Edgeworth (Ace Attorney) given by Fuko
- Prof. Quirrell (Harry Potter) given by me
- Ted Mosby (HIMYM) given by me
- Asha (Fuko's dog) given by Fuko
- June (Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live) given by Fuko
- Umi (Me) given by me

Fuko's characters:
- Draco Malfoy (Harry Potter) given by Eva
- Handsome waiter from the chic bar where we had delicious wine given by me
- John Cena (WWE) given by Eva
- Hannibal (Hannibal) given by Eva
- Susie Salmon (The Lovely Bones) given by me
- Moe (The Simpsons) given by me

My characters:
- Kirby (Kirby) given by Eva
- Carmen de Mairena given by Eva
- Kyuhyun (Super Junior) given by Eva
- Our housekeeper given by Fuko
- Lolita (Lolita) given by Fuko
- Oskaar (My cousin Oskaar video) given by Fuko THE BEST ONE EVER

When the pub closed (3am aprox) we took a taxi that drove us to the house. 
  •  Sunday 
We tried to wake up early in the morning...but we failed.

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  1. Oh very cute pics darling
    Looks like you enjoyed a lot.


    1. Thank you so much! :) Indeed, we did!

  2. It's a wonderful place Andorra!
    hope you have enjoyed your trip :)
    lots of kisses dear!


    1. I know, I love going there! Indeed, we did enjoy it :)