martes, 13 de diciembre de 2016

beware of natre

Today's blogmas day 2!

Yesterday was a great day! I ordered my first Fairy Loot box (the January one) as a birthday present from my mom and I'm more than excited for the book it will contain, which I've been waiting for MONTHS (coughcoughcaravalcoughcough). I also won my first giveaway: an ARC of Wait for Me by Caroline Leech. I'm so happy, I cannot believe it yet :')

Also, on Sunday we started a 1 week Secret Santa in the dorm so we have to put one gift in our lucky person's locker every night. Yesterday, since I finished homework at 2am, I didn't bring my stuff to the lobby until then, and I have to say it was a hella bad idea because at that time this building is scary af. As usual, by that time Robin (my neighbour) was still awake and she forgot to bring her present before, so she also had to be an adult as well and do it. When she told me she was going downstairs I told her "Beware of Natre." and she freaked out-- it was so great. #sorrynotsorry

For those who don't know who's Natre, she's a character from a Thailandese horror movie we watched at the lobby 2 weeks ago and that gave us trouble to sleep for a whole damn week. The movie is called Shutter, in case you wanna check it out.

casually throwing a scene that will give me nightmares tonight

In other news, today at Okinawan culture class we went to the Nakagusuku Castle! There was such a beautiful landscape, so we took lots of pictures. 

Hope you liked this post! See you tomorrow :)

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  1. Oh very cute pics darling
    I love it the shutter is one of my favorite horror movie