sábado, 22 de octubre de 2016

there's nothing to lose, when no one knows your name

The truth is I need to go to bed RIGHT NOW, but I thought I should write an entry because why not.

Last night was Friday night and, in this dorm, that means p a r t y. So here goes another #blameitonthealcohol post.

Since the weather was way too hot yesterday, I took a nap once I got to my room. When I woke up, I was okay and I decided to call home and ask what's up there but, like the 90% of the "I'm gonna be a good girl and let my family know I'm still alive" calls, it didn't end well and I got pissed af. Anna and Fye were already calling me to go to Anna's room to help them to prepare the dinner and the 43435656 tones of sangría and I wasn't ready yet; my outfit was "okay" but I had AT LEAST to do my hair and my make-up and that wouldn't last 5 minutes, so I told them I'd be late as always. I tried my new bbcream on and I got surprised by how much I got tanned since I came to Okinawa.

Since Anna's room is next to mine, it's fine because I just left my room wearing my yellow slippers and entered hers like nothing happened. When I got there, Anna and Fye were already cooking and, surprise, Kasei (aka-chan = baby) was there dancing like the party had already reached its ultimate peak without hadn't even started.

Our martian 
To be honest, we were having a great time in Anna's room. The music was playing loud af and the making process of sangría was hilarious. 

+ 1 beer

Theoretically, the party started at 7pm at the lobby, but when we got there at 7:20pm nobody was there, so no fucks were given and we started eating and drinking by ourselves before the other people arrived.

+ x cups of sangría

Some minutes later, several people had already got in the lobby, so Cuqui-san, Robin (neighbour), Joseph and I gathered and kinda made our own ghetto while talking about cosplay, performances and languages. Somehow, we also switched glasses.

+ x cups of umeshu (plum liquor)

After that, we made 3 teams of ~8 people and played jan-ken-pon (rock, paper, scissors) and the 2 losers had to do kabe-don while everybody was taking pictures of them. Apparently, I had to do kabe-don with some Korean guy; I don't remember it at all. Also, Bee (the guy from Laos) told me to meet today to go to a neko cafe and I was like "ok, but let me sleep until 12pm at least or I'll be wasted af".

Since at last party someone drunk broke a door, this party had to end early (midnight). So Fye told me to come to his room because he was going to continue the party with other people and also gave me permission to invite someone, but it had to be only one person. At that moment, I was sitting between Bee and Cuqui-san so the situation got awkward suddenly and they were looking at me like "translation pls". Cuqui-san ended up going to sleep, so I went to Fye's room with all the other people and Bee. There, we played UNO for a while and, later, we played that drinking game in which you have to put a coin in a cup and if you fail, you drink. To be honest, that last game killed all of us.

+ 1 beer
+ x shots of lemon liquor

At 4am, I came back to my room.


guess who
it's me

So yeah, I woke up, I took a shower, I sent a message to Bee and he told me it was okay to meet at 2pm. At 1:55pm somebody rang the bell of my room: Bee and Kasei came to pick me up and then, we went to the neko cafe with Robin and some other people. After that, since Robin, Kasei and I were starving, we went to a Hamazushi restaurant and pigged out. 

It was a great day, after all. ☆ ~

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